Job Seekers


Successful recruiters rely on the ability to satisfy the unique needs of a specific
employer. It is reasonable to assume that you will not be the only candidate that
we present on any given opportunity. However, if you cultivate a good relationship
with us—following through, being truthful about your background and skills, keeping
your interview commitments, returning calls promptly, etc., you can be assured that
we will do our very best to place you. Here are a few other tips for working with

  1. Trust us. We will
    handle your resume confidentially. We will not present your name or resume to anyone
    without your specific and express permission.
  2. Be honest. Recruiters
    make great advisers and mentors. Treat us as a confidante—the more we know about
    you, the easier it is for us to describe you in the best light. With our current
    knowledge of the industry and our contacts, you are positioned to gain valuable
  3. Be forthcoming with
    documents or references, as they are requested. Keep your resume
    up-to-date and tailor it to reflect the requirements of each unique position and
    your qualifications for it. Always mail your resume with a cover letter that includes
    additional important information – this helps you to stand out and shows that you
    are interested.
  4. After you speak with
    an employer, always call us immediately and give us feedback on how it went.
  5. If you are not interested
    in a position we present to you, please say so immediately. We value our client
    relationships. If you are honest about your level of interest and motivations, it
    will help us find you the ideal position and keep us from wasting our client’s time.
  6. Even if you are not
    actively job hunting, when we call you, we would greatly appreciate a call back.
    While you may not presently be interested in a job change, you may know of someone
    who is.
  7. If you change jobs,
    keep us informed of your whereabouts and status so we can continue to present you
    with applicable opportunities.

Please submit resumes
on Contacts Page. Your Career is our Business


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